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Banoffee Pie

Sunday, September 02, 2007

still tackling my fear of dessert making (mom, this is your fault!) and making up for lost time with my news year's resolution to cook simon amazing desserts. to add to the incentives of dessert cooking, i'm now trying to impress/motivate the work colleagues!

this is fabulous but so rich. i can't handle more than three bites!


  • pack of cookies -- maybe with chocoate coating or chocoate flavor, but like Nabisco wafers
  • 2 Tb butter (soften to room temp)
  • can of 400g condensed milk
  • ripe bananas (about 3)
  • cup whipping cream

to do

  1. use cuisinart for cookies until they are only crumbs
  2. mix with butter and pack tightly into pie pan bottom (similar to cheese cake), thickness depends on your liking! and fridge it to harden it.
  3. now this sounds crazy, but put UNOPENED can of the condensed milk in covered pot of boiling water for 2 hours (trust me here). after 2 hours, put under cold water until it's cold enough to touch can. then open it with can opener. (i'm always afraid it will explode, but it doesn't... but be careful anyway)
  4. pour cold 'toffee' (what was condensed milk) into crust pan from step 2 and return to fridge.
  5. after it's been in fridge for at least an hour, bring out and put sliced bananas on top (not sure best way of slicing, i did mine normal slices you'd use for cereal but next time i might try long slices (opposite direction) to maximize their coverage on pie).
  6. whip up cream and smear on top of pie.
  7. optional-- grate chocolate on top for "wow" effect!



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